Fantastic Summer Events To Visit

Lavender Mob, France

  • When: August 3-7

  • Where: Digne-les-Bains, Provence

  • Nighttime parade of illuminated floats covered in lavender and locals in traditional costumes celebrating with lavender tea, lavender biscuits, syrup, nosegays and lavender paté.

Knights on the Town, Sweden

  • When: August 5-12

  • Where: Visby, Gotland

  • Watching knights in medieval attire jousting on galloping horses. With more than 500 events in seven days, festivalgoers can attend tournaments, haggle at markets, listen to storytellers, laugh at court jesters, and marvel at magicians.

Flower Power, Portugal

  • When: August 24-26

  • Where: Festas do Pereiro, Ribatejo province

  • Dancing until dawn in the town square on the Saturday night, and staying for the Sunday procession of the Virgin to mass. This is a typical Portuguese summer festa, where the whole village celebrates its saint with homecomings, feasting and dancing.

Meet Autumn Fests In Europe!

Flamenco Fair, Spain

When: September 20-24

Where: Villamartín, Cádiz

Aside from shopping for cows, there’s a chance to catch traditional horse and carriage contests, demonstrations of horsemanship and gutsy flamenco performances.

Fighting Ships, Greece

When: September 1-8

Where: Spetses, Saronic Islands

A lifesize ship set alight under a volley of fireworks, commemorating the 1822 defeat of the Ottoman fleet. Fishing boats lit by candles drift slowly out to sea, surrounding a model Turkish ship.

Largs Viking Festival, UK

When: September 1-9

Where: North Ayrshire

Travelling back in time to a Viking village (without the pillaging). The Largs Viking festival goes with a parade, complete with pipers and a re-enacted skirmish; the final weekend includes a torchlit procession, a full-on battle re-creatio, ongship burning and fireworks.

Costume drama, Slovenia

When: September 7-9

Where: Kamnik

The final parade, with scores of lavish regional costumes. First come the men in floral hats, cracking disconcertingly long bullwhips.

Best Winter Festivals In Europe!

Amsterdam Light Festival, The Netherlands

  • When: November 29 - January 20

  • Where: Amsterdam

  • The 53-day event gathers the best national and international light artists to showcase their work throughout the city center and along its picturesque canals.

Momentum Ski Festival, Switzerland

  • When: January 31 - February 3

  • Where: Verbier, Switzerland

  • One of the best Alpine events for business executives, Momentum Ski Festival comprises the City Ski Championships, the Alpine Business Forum, and a variety of après ski entertainment.

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay, Scotland

  • When: December 31

  • Where: Edinburgh, Scotland

  • One of the world’s most famous New Year festivals, Hogmanay sees over 140,000 revelers from all corners of the globe joining the vibrant street parties, concerts, and celebrations.

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